A killer whale at a doctor's office

Kids listen to it all, but with a certain... filter.

So: me and The Man were talking about whales. I was saying how whales don't drink salt water because they get all the water they need through food they eat. We then talked about sharks, I don't remember how they're called, who are kind of like saltwater mosquitoes who bore themselves onto the flesh of whales with their front teeth and hold on like that.

The Kid listened to it all intently. He then said, "Mommy?"

"Yeah?" I asked.

He then told me that if a killer whale eats salt then his throat will get sore and he'll go to a doctor who will look inside his throat. That, listen, mommy, killer whale, yeah? Throat gets sore, have to go a doctor. Look inside throat!

And I'm, like, uh-uh, okay, really? Oh. Okay.

So where did you hear that from?


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