Oh my god, can you not see that the world has ended!! HELP!!!

If there ever comes a day where The Girlie is an actress and she has to perform a scene of utter despair - think along the lines of throwing herself on the floor with loud cries of anguish at some otherworldly unfairness - she should do it just the way she throws herself on the kitchen floor now when she asks for a banana and I give her only half of a banana.

It's spectacular. In a theatre setting, an audience would be doing a standing ovation right now, but it's only me, The Girlie and The Kid in the kitchen, and the spectacle is about half of a banana, so I'm sorry, but it's a no go.

And I'm still going to give you only half of a banana, dear daughter, because I am tired of you demanding whole bananas, taking two bites and then refusing to even touch the rest.

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  1. That's my eldest too, we called him the Drama Queen when he was younger, can't do that now as it offends his teenage dignity.