Here we go again...

The first week of bilateral serial casting again. Like last year, except I think I'm feeling it more this year. Monday was a day at the hospital - general anaesthetic, Botox injections, the works - Wednesday again for adjusting the cast, now I came home from a girls' night at the movies to find my little man crying in bed with pain, dozed up on Paracetamol already but unable to sleep, so a quick chat to his physio on the phone and we took the cast off. The Kid cheered up instantly and is back asleep, but it means that tomorrow we're off to the hospital again, to get a new cast on, and then on Monday next week again, to get both casts replaced by our own physio.

Tired. Just tired.

Could write more, but I don't want to. Tired.


  1. :( Vaene väikemees :( Jõudu ja jaksu ja pai ja kalli!