A warm autumn

It has been such an extraordinarily warm autumn that yesterday we were still picking strawberries from our back yard. On 4th of June!


To quote Cheryl Strayed's mother - from the book "Wild" that I wrote about a few days ago - our home is rich in love.

Today a few friends gathered in our living room and in a very simple "morning together" we celebrated what was The Girlie's 2nd birthday, but there were no party decorations, no banners, no set tables. It was just us gathered in our living room, drinks and food that everyone could fetch from the kitchen when they saw fit - I had made pancakes, someone else brought brownies, from the supermarket we'd got beef spring rolls - and it was such a wonderful morning I had said to The Man, right as everyone had departed, that it was so nice it had reminded me of our wedding.

And I love that. I love both the fact that it had been such a lovely morning spent with friends, and that me and The Man had wed in such lovely, simple circumstances that now when there is a lovely morning happening, I can even say that it was "so nice it reminded me our wedding".

We wed in a park in Wanaka, under a walnut tree, and there were three guests, plus a dog. I wore a skirt and a shirt I had bought from a second-hand store, I was barefeet, The Man had a flower tucked in his chest pocket, and for a "honeymoon" afterwards we drove to a beach where we spent the afternoon skinny-dipping and relaxing in the sun. It was such a warm, lovely day that I think back to it with nothing but pleasure as there had been hardly any stress, and definitely no seating plans, budgets or guest lists. Just us, our wedding celebrant, The Man's brother, our flatmate, our neighbour, and his dog.

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