Where I write

For months now I've been working on my book on Wednesdays. On Saturdays I work - currently at, of all places, a laundry - and for the money I earn on Saturdays I can afford to put both my kids in daycare on Wednesdays so I can come home to a quiet house and... write.

And I have tried several different approaches to this. I have written at the Halswell library where the newly built rooms shine in natural light and colorful furniture...

...and I have tried vacuuming the heck out of this house and putting away all the laundry and toys and dusting shelves and sitting down in a clean and tidy living room, writing...

...and I have done it in a bed, accompanied by biscuits and spearmint tea...

...but if I'm honest, the place that works for writing the most, is this:

I'm perched on the corner of a table, computer's charging cable meandering out the drawer where its charging station is. There's egg salad, kids' pyjamas on the table still, an old broken footstool which we got from Wanaka Wastebusters for $3 six years ago "until we get something better" and which we've never got rid of since; there's The Dog trying to sleep on top of my slippers - and on this photo, waiting for me to sit down so she can sleep on top of my slippers. Furniture hasn't been dusted. I think I vacuumed on Monday. Under the table there's kids toys and The Girlie's potty.

But of all the places, this place here works the best.

Kind of random and filled with toys like my life is at the moment in general.

So here you go - an inspirational writing spot. Totally pinterest-worthy, isn't it? :)

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  1. Mis teemal sa kirjutad ja kui kaugele oled jõunud ja kui palju sul õnnestub tavaliselt nende kolmapäevadega kirjutada? Tahaks juba sinu raamatut lugeda! :)