What The Kid thinks of his mum

The Kid got asked at preschool what he thinks of his mum - me.

This is what he answered.

What is your mum's name? Mummy.
How old is she? I don't know.
What does your mum look like? Tall.
What job does your mum do? The dishes, looks after me.
What is your mum's favorite food? Cooks broccoli.
What makes your mum happy? People.
What makes your mum sad? She's happy.
What do you love doing with your mum most? Going for a walk with the dog.
I love my mum because? She makes me happy.

Age: 5. Adorable!


  1. Happy mom has happy kid! :)

  2. Hold old is she? I don't know.
    Paranda see ära "how", eks ju!

  3. Tõesti väga head vastused ja seda mitmes mõttes ;)