Sh**************t meeeeeeeeeeee!

Just yesterday we talked with friends how we haven't had any good earthquakes for a while, and I thought to myself how I get kind of uncomfortable with it. It feels like when there hasn't been any for a while, a big one is brewing.

Which is why it's so fitting that just now, 5 minutes ago, a gooooooooooooood! rolling earthquake came around, the kind where the house goes up and down like on waves and the rolling continues for good 10-15 seconds before everything settles. I was sitting on the sofa just waiting it out whilst The Man was half-crouched in the kitchen, holding on to the kitchen top and saying "Sh*t meeee!", and The Dog made her way towards me and leant onto my thigh as if to seek protection against "whatever the hell it is".

And now that it's gone I kind of feel better for having it, but I also know that if it's been such a good rolling one, chances are there are going to be some smaller ones tonight, gradually getting weaker each time they come around.

Oh, to live in New Zealand.

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