Like pink much?

I bought The Girlie a new (pink! floral! That's what The Girlie would point out, anyway) swimsuit and she's insisting on wearing it in the house although she's got all her other clothes underneath it and it barely fits over it all.

If it's pink or floral - or both! - she's wearing it. Doesn't matter if it's winter boots in 20-degree weather or a dress when it's 5 degrees - if it's pink or floral, she's wearing it.

God knows where this pink-and-floral worshipping has come from because it certainly ain't me!


  1. It is in the genes :) There is no other explanation (at least if it comes to me and my kids).

  2. Oh she looks so much like you Maria! What a gorgeous girly. And the same here.. Stella loves pink too.. and glitters.. and dresses.

    1. I should go an e-mail you a photo of her latest favorite "outfit". It's pink butterfly wings that friends gave her for birthday, and a pink tulle skirt. Basically, she walks around the house with pink wings on her back and in a pink ballerina-type skirt :D