Another story about real estate

Now that we've made a decision to move to Invercargill next year, I've started keeping track of what houses are sold for what prices there. A simple notebook - pen and paper.

It has meant that most of the time I've sat down about once a fortnight, gone through Trademe listings and written down the ones that are in the area I'm looking at.

But sometimes it has meant looking at a listing and thinking, man, if we bought this one, we could've done it, NOW.

175 Crinan street was one of those. A 1930's built red brick house with 675 m2 of land, 3 bedrooms and although not exactly fancy in terms of its condition... it looked perfectly livable. And not just livable but something me and The Man could've easily done up over time.

And it cost $110,000 NZD.

At $110,000 we could've paid it off within 10 years by doing $194 a week payments - and to those of you not familiar with New Zealand prices, $194 a week is doable even on a minimum wage. We wouldn't have done many overseas holidays if we actually were on a minimum wage but... still. The point was: when I saw this house pop up, I thought, to go now?

The current plan is to wait until next year when The Kid is almost 6 years old, and go when The Kid can go straight from his current Christchurch preschool into an Invercargill school - without having to go into any intermediate preschools between here and there; to go when the timing is the best for The Kid, not necessarily when it's the best for us, financially.

But this house was one of those moments where I thought, man. Would it be worth it?

It's all about balance, I keep telling myself. It's about balance.

And besides, the house has now been sold. To someone else.

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