The little kicks of confidence

When I go for a job interview, I put on underwear that has a Superman logo on it. No-one's going to see it, but I will get a little kick of confidence from knowing that I've got it there, under the layers.

Kind of like, when there is an important occasion, I wear a closing pin necklace.

Closing pin necklace is symbolical of skydiving, and though it's been five years since I last jumped out of a plane, and although to most people that see me wearing it - let alone the fact that most people won't probably even see it because it may be hidden under my t-shirt - it won't mean anything; but to me, it does.

Skydiving was a very short part of my life, and in sport's terms I am a total newbie with fewer than 30 jumps to my name; yet in my life's terms skydiving was a big thing.

Skydiving is the reason I was able to stay in New Zealand (being employed by a skydiving company who proved to Immigration NZ year on year that I am needed, and I am good), it introduced me to fascinating, fascinating! people who I look up to with great, great respect, and it is the single thing in my life that I know of that has the ability to switch off the constant chatter I have going on in my brain - that, and sleeping.

There are very few symbolical items I keep for their symbolical value alone, but my skydiving closing pin I sometimes wear around my neck, is one of them.


  1. I just read and keep eye on your blog and although I don't know you personally I think you're really awesome person. I know this sound so tacky and like trying to do some confidence boost, but I just thought I say it :)

    1. Thank you. Yes, it does sound a little tacky, but at the same time it does feel nice to hear it :)