The days of autumn

The beauty of living in a big city is that when The Kid has lined his toy cars behind a flying pig...

...and then built a plane from Duplo blocks which he's "flown" around the living room...

...I am able to tell him, "Hey, do you want to go see some real big planes at the airport?" And when he says yes, we are able to just pack ourselves in our car, drive to the airport, park alongside the runway (on the outside of the security fence, though that's pretty darn close still) and eat our dinner from a lunchbox in the back of a car whilst watching planes take off and land.

On another note: The Kid is learning to make bridges out of items at hand.

My kids think riding on public transport is a treat.

And The Kid is coming up with some pretty elaborate designs on his wooden train track!

My blog has pretty much become a collection of my kids' photos.

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