The Big Bang Theory. Who do you identify with the most?

Of all the characters on The Big Bang Theory, who do you most identify with?

Because I swear, in almost each episode Sheldon Cooper does something where I think, yup, done that! or, yup, I'd totally do something similar!

Basically, of all the characters on that TV show, I identify the most with this character who is:
* generally logical but often common sense lacking (good work digging up that wasps nest straight after applying insecticide, Maria! Like, rather than giving the poison time to actually kill the buggers you decided to dig the thing up immediately and then ended up sprinting across the lawn when they started attacking, but, hey!, it was good fun, wasn't it, and you were wearing a heart rate monitor so you ended up watching the printout on the computer, and giggling),
* stubborn (no comment needed because... hello!),
* social skill lacking (oh, hi Holly! I still apologise for the stuff I said when you were pregnant...),
* a bit OCD (oh, hi my previous employers at the bakery! When you want your dishes washed, I don't consider ladles with bits of dough still hanging off them as "washed", and refuse to "wash" them your way. And how about buying an actual dishwasher anyway?),
* irony misunderstanding (oh, hi dear husband! I will probably continue asking, "Was that... a joke?" about once a day, and thank you for keeping on explaining to me what it was that you meant),
* with a wide array of knowledge on often totally useless facts (oh, hi my friends from craft night! Does, "Oh, did you know that...?" sound similar? Said in English with an Estonian accent? Yeah, I thought so.)

What about you? Which of the characters do you identify with the most?

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