Random bits and bobs

Going to the beach with The Man means building stuff, and getting plenty dirty.


The Man has a geeky sense of humor and a fascination with... various interesting stuff, really, but in this specific case I mean cool builds made of Lego.

We were watching videos of Legos the other day...

...and when I suggested we move in the living room so we can plug the computer in so the battery doesn't die, The Man said - with his eyes still firmly locked onto the screen filled with Legos - that he can't move because he may get a hard-on.

I snorted with laughter :)


The Kid's preschool had the kids try out tennis balls and rackets and The Kid - to both mine and his teachers' surprise - managed to hit the ball in both forehand and backhand.

(He's 4 years old.)

When I admitted to this excited teacher that we have never had The Kid try out a tennis racket before and as far as we know he hasn't ever tried using a tennis racket before full stop, we were standing there a bit, like, uhm...

And the only thing I can think of is that we try to do a lot of physiotherapy kind of stuff with him, everywhere - climbing things, hanging off things, pushing things, drawing things - and I guess this physical variety is really paying off in terms of his coordination?

Or he just got really lucky :). But either way, it's cool.


I am slowly working my way through our move-to-Invercargill idea. I've contacted schools, talked to various support teachers, keep an eye on real estate prices, got moving quotes from five different moving companies - just generally trying to get my head around what it would entail and mean, for all of us.

At some point I will explain a little more, but for the moment the main idea is simply the fact that Invercargill polytech, the Southern Institute of Technology, does not have tuition fees and the real estate in Invercargill, compared to Christchurch, is about half the cost whilst median income is only about 4% less.

Ie, we could afford to both put me through school and buy ourselves a home without driving us into deep, stupid debt.

And so basically, if we moved to Invercargill, we would buy a house, I would spend two years studying full time towards my diploma in quantity surveying (as opposed to trying to do it over 4-5 years part-time in the evenings after the kids are in bed, which is what I was doing through Open Polytech) and after those two years we would decide what happens next. If we like it there, we'll stay, if we don't, we'll go... wherever else it is that we want to go, and with my diploma done I would be able to earn enough and do work interesting enough that The Man would become the stay-at-home parent instead and... yeah.

It would mean moving to a place where, for the moment, we don't know anyone, but... we've done that before.

And with The Kid starting school there, I'm sure we would soon enough get new people into our lives, and would settle somewhat, and...


For the moment I am working my way through the pile of information by organising it in my head through writing it down in my notebook, like this:

The next topic I've been looking at is, surprise-surprise!, geotechnical information :D - ie what sort of land is Invercargill built on, and what it does in earthquakes.

Which is an entirely different, interesting topic because turns out, Invercargill is generally built on peat which, whilst it doesn't liquefy much due to such poor drainage (as do some Christchurch's suburbs, oh joy!), does tend to amplify earthquakes.

But either way, we're working on it. Slowly :).


  1. Su otsus tundub hästi läbimõeldud ja sobiv Sulle. Su tekstist kumab läbi rahulolu ja see on hästi oluline.

  2. Äge märkmik! Sinimustvalge :) Mis need ristidega mullid koolide juures on? Kaardid?

    1. Jep. Suur ring on linna piir, kaks joont on kaks peateed, mis linna keskel kokku saavad, ja pisike must mull on kooli asukoht.