On kids' physical developing

On Tuesday mornings I take the kids to our local gym and they attend what's called Tumbletimes - an informal gymnastics session for preschoolers, which is to say: the sports hall gets filled with climbing equipment, balls, mats, tunnels, trampolines and rainbow-colored strings, and preschoolers run amok for about an hour, exploring the thing.

They do have one sports tutor at hand who do chooses what music to play and organises some sing-along games for children to attend, but really - it's just an informal play hour. And kids go craaaaazzzzzzyyyyyy! (I may take my camera next time so I can show you what I mean.)

I feel like I tear up a little thinking about The Kid playing there. We take off his shoes, his socks, even his foot brace, and for an hour he just totally rocks the hall, running around, hanging on the "monkey bars", hitting the ball, taking part in almost everything available, and there's nothing to stop him from doing any of it.

Or in the afternoon when we go to the same sports hall to do some swimming, all four of us: me, The Man, The Kid, The Girlie. The Kid jumps off ledges, dives underwater, and even swims. Like, without any inflatable devices whatsoever! On his own!

And when I see him doing all that, I think: this is so great. So great!

6 months ago he had both his feet in a cast and every time we saw his medical team I was reminded that come winter, we may need to do some more casting again. That we'll see how we go, but muscles and tendons tend to regress a little, and we're to expect that.

But I look at him now and I'm, like... wow. He's doing so great! 

On Monday we're going to meet with The Kid's medical team again, and I'll see how we go, but I'm pretty sure there's not going to be any more casting this winter. I think we're going to see the team, they're going to measure all The Kid's angles and muscle tensions and whatever, and we're just going to smile widely and acknowledge that you know what? The Kid's doing great :) And then me and The Kid are going to go home and just continue doing what we're doing, which is: being a happy family.

It's nice when things are going nice.

PS. I added the Tumbletimes photos to another post.


  1. Awesome! Tumble Times is great fun!!

  2. So happy for you and the Kid! I love those "exercise" activity groups. Ayra goes also every week for second year already. We have "Vauhtivimpulat" :)