On the elegance of parenting

Only a 1-year-old can think that it's cool to pick up pieces of dog poop with a washing peg.


And on the same note: yesterday I put The Girlie down for an afternoon nap and when she still hadn't settled after 20 minutes (she kept babbling to herself in her cot) I went to see what she was up to.

I knew the moment I stepped in the room what was up. I could tell by the smell.

And what was up was the fact that she had filled her nappy with a... 'glorious' mixture of digested kiwifruit - alongside other stuff she eats - and had then stuck her own hands in her nappy to check it out.

So basically I stepped in the room to find my daughter sitting in her cot, smelly as, both hands covered in brown... poop, and upon seeing me she exclaimed excitedly, "Mama, look! Goo! Goo!"

And I went, "Yeah, I know."


Toddlers are such fun, aren't they.

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