The wonders of a human body

Today I watched two revelationary TED talks.

The first was a visualisation of a human embryo as it develops from a single cell into a child being pushed into a birth canal. Fascinating!

The other was a presentation on how humans perceive their world through their senses and how those senses can be substituted or even added to. Like, how a deaf person can wear a piece of clothing which their brain will learn to use as 'hearing'. (I don't want to share too much, because if you watch this video you'll see what I'm talking about :).)

And talking of humans: The Girlie has been a little piece of *** for about a week now, driving me bonkers with the amount of whinging, stomping, disagreeing and otherwise being a little piece of *** that's she's been doing.

And now this morning, suddenly, I've got my daughter back. She woke up happy, she wanted to cuddle, she ate her porridge, she was willing to get dressed. I was pleased - so pleased! - and I was also intrigued, like, what the hell was that about?!

And then it occurred to me: yesterday I saw a new tooth that's broken through her gum.

I didn't think much of it yesterday, but seeing The Girlie be nice today I'm wondering: was all that whinging due to a toothache?

I mean, she did have a heavy cold last week so it might've been that, too, but...


Humans are cool.

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