My penis dialled 111 yesterday

I may have mentioned it before that The Man has a way with words, to a point that he's unlike any other person I've come across, probably.

Today was another example of that.

The Man: "My penis dialled 111 yesterday."

[To those not familiar with a New Zealand setting, 111 is the number for New Zealand's emergency services, ie its police, ambulance and fire service. Khm!]


The Man: "My penis dialled 111 yesterday."
Me: "Uhm... your penis?"
The Man: "Yeah, my phone was in my pocket and the lock must've been off."

So after what must've sounded like a very intriguing phone call - to the emergency services, anyway - with The Man's stuff moving around in the pocket alongside his phone and a distant hum of builders talking at a construction site, The Man received a callback from the emergency services asking him if he were alright, because he had called them.

And The Man was probably, like, uhm...

And I was, like, your penis? Really? Your penis dialled 111 yesterday? Well that's one way to put it :)

PS. I bet this post gets at least twice as many views as posts usually do, just going by the title of it. Just putting it out there.


  1. We usuall use "my pocket dialled" but penis is a nice way to put it :P

  2. Hilarious!! Did he explain that to the emergency controller??

    1. No, unfortunately, just to me. It would've been hilarious if he had said that to the dispatch though :P