Life with The Girlie: buckles and gumboots

The Girlie loves buckles. Like, anything that buckles up, whether it's a seat belt or a backpack or a shoe, she wants to do it!

No, mom, hands off, I want to do it! [Insert my tired face when I am trying to drive us to the doctor's appointment and she is insisting on buckling up her own seatbelt, all whilst I am standing there, watching, and trying to be patient.]

Which meant that this morning when I bought us a new rafting vest, she had her entire morning sorted.

The thing has five buckles and she spent about an hour doing and undoing them.

Or, to be exact (because she can't yet undo buckles which are stiff enough), she spent an hour doing them up and demanding that I undo them, so she can do them up again and demand that I undo them.

On repeat.

Also, I put a glass of milk and a plate of pancakes on the table. She looked at it and though, great, we're putting stuff on the table!

Insert gumboots.

I love my daughter.

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