Life with The Dog: nectarines

Ever since our nectarine tree started dropping fruit - which is to say, all summer long - we've known that The Dog loves nectarines. Regardless how green or puny, she's hunted down anything that's been dropped by wind, and eaten it.

And so I didn't think much of her getting hold of lots more fruit lately. "They must be falling down because they're getting so big and heavy," I thought.


What our back lawn looks like with nectarine stones scattered around everywhere

Because turns out, the amount of fruit she's been getting is not due to wind or, how do I put it... natural causes, ie the tree dropping them willingly.

Turns out, she's been bloody jumping (!) up the tree to get them.


Because I looked out the window yesterday and that's exactly what I saw - a labrador retriever jumping up a nectarine tree to get hold of more nectarines. And I had wondered why the grasses under that tree were so matted down!

So today I am a little grumpy at The Dog.

Thing is, she must've got hold of A LOT of fruit yesterday before I caught her in action, because she woke me up at 3 am last night with an urgent need to go outside and poop ferociously!

And then this morning The Man let her out before I had even got out of bed, and I think she must've eaten some more because by 7 am she had vomited nectarines onto our living room floor, twice, and now I've shut her in her crate because I've been hosing down floormats and cleaning vomit off doorways.

But not to worry: The Girlie is adamant on sharing whatever food she's got with The Dog, so there won't be any shortage of fiber in her diet any time soon.

A carrot about to be shared

Gotta love labradors!


  1. Oh dear, they're not the only type of dog who will eat anything. My FIL had a Rottie cross who had been known to eat all the things poisonous to dogs (top level of Cadbury dark chocolates, whole loaf of homemade gluten free, high fibre bread, grapes etc).

  2. You've got Pokus in your backyard! :)

    1. Okay, so you've got to help me out here :) - what's a pokus? I even tried googling, still couldn't figure it out.

    2. A-ha! Thanks for that :). Didn't think of it, though now that I am looking at the photo, it kind of makes sense :)