Geniuses and Estonia

So, I am driving along the highway, listening to an interview with Eric Weiner about the incidence of geniuses, when suddenly the interviewer - Jesse Mulligan - asks Eric where he thinks the next hub of geniuses is going to happen and Eric replies... Estonia.


And I'm, like, huh?

Have a listen yourself, the interview's up on their website :). It all happens in about the last minute, around the 20:25 mark.

PS. They also talked about the fact that life in New Zealand is so good now that Eric Weiner doesn't think there'll be many geniuses popping up in New Zealand. Life's too good, apparently :)

PPS. So being an Estonian in New Zealand, where does that put me? (It's a tongue in cheek question, by the way, so no need to analyse that, I don't think :).)

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