So, we had an earthquake today...

A strong earthquake hit Christchurch just now.

As it happened, I was laying in bed having an afternoon nap. As the loud rocking started and the bed started "hopping" and things falling off shelves, I was awake and thinking, "Shit, the Alpine fault is going!"

But no, it was just Christchurch. And things that toppled weren't many, just some clothes racks that were stacked against the wall and toothpaste tubes etc... but still.

Everyone in this house is awake now. It's sunny and 23 degrees outside. What are the plans for the rest of the afternoon?

PS. Steve Knutson posted a photo of dust rising off Sumner cliffs on Twitter. Have a look, it's at

And to those of you wondering what that dust is - do you remember a few weeks back I posted a photo of shipping containers stacked at the beach?

To those of you wondering what those containers in the background are for: those are there to protect the road from further rockfall. That cliff-face had a lot of collapses during the earthquakes and containers block the rocks from making their way onto the road where they would end up endangering the traffic.

I assume that the rising dust is off those cliffs collapsing. And I very much hope there hasn't been much damage done...


  1. Hea, et sa nii operatiivselt alati neist asjust blogid :) Kui ma eestis lehest loen, et teil seal maavärin, siis tavaliselt blogi lahti tehes on kohe selge, et kõik on okei :)