A morning at Sumner beach

With temperature forecasted to hit 30 degrees Celsius that day, my plan was to get kids out (and worn out) early enough in the day so that by the time it got hot and clammy outside, they would be content playing inside a cool house, with curtains drawn, and then happy going down for an afternoon nap.

And that's exactly what we did.

We were at the Sumner beach by 8 am when the sun wasn't even reaching the southern part of the beach yet...

I stuck them both in wetsuits straight from the beginning so that when they felt like getting in the water, they were warm enough, and when they wanted to play on the playground equipment, they could just do it in their 'swimming clothes', and that was that.

As we left the playground at about 10 am, the temperature was getting into high 20's, other parents and their kids were starting to gather at the pool, and by the time we had bought ice creams and shared them with The Man who was working at a nearby building site, both kids were happy and tired enough that by noon, both of them were in bed.

And I was, like, yuss!

That was a good morning.

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