The summer holidays

Playing in the back yard.

It's good when neighbors have the same-aged children as us

Playing at home.

Wonderful toys with nuts and bolts to take apart and put back together - for a four-year-old!

Turns out, The Kid is really good at putting together puzzles. I think we've bought eight sets during the Christmas holidays alone!

Building a bridge - or, to be exact, The Man has :). (And in true The Man style, it will quite possibly outlast anything else on this waterway :P)

Eating lots of chocolate - even carpenter tool-shaped kind!

Biking around Christchurch - and although I so very much love our Thule bike rack which goes on the back of the car and allows us to go so many places...

...getting back to the car with two bikes, a trailer, helmets for four, bags etc still means that it takes me a good 20 minutes to pack it all up :D

And of course, the new Margaret Mahy playground.



  1. Probably the coolest playground in the world.

  2. Kus selline mänguväljak on? Me ei käinud seal ju?

    1. Alles sai valmis paar nädalat tagasi, enne seal oli lihtsalt maavärinas kahjustatud tühi maa...