Questions and answers: good movies and books

"Lisaks eelnevate küsimuste vastustele sooviks tõesti teada, milliseid häid filme sa viimasel ajal oled näinud ja milliseid häid raamatuid lugenud." Anonymous

"In addition to previous questions I'd like to know what good movies you've seen lately and what good books you've read."

A few days ago I saw Spotlight...

...which was excellent! Definitely not something a person with a short attention span would enjoy as - especially the beginning - was rather heavy in details and talk, but... still. It was an excellent movie.

But the reason I went to see Spotlight to begin with was because a few days before that Radio New Zealand National had interviewed Walter Robinson, real-life version of one of the main characters of the movie, and after listening to him talk I was determined to know more about the case. (And the fact that even Walter Robinson himself thought that Michael Keaton had done a good job of portraying him? Awesome!)

In the end of the movie a list of cities was displayed where cases of child abuse by Catholic priests had happened, and Christchurch, New Zealand was one of them.

It reminded me of Stephen Fry debating on a very similar topic during Intelligence Squared, a speech which I consider one of the best I have ever heard.


On another note though, I have not come across any books I'd like to recommend, unfortunately. It's a bit of a... book draught here.

Would any of you like to recommend good books?


  1. from the TED recommendations and NZ radio interviews to your treasured National Geographic magazines... i've got you pegged as an intellectual omnivore.. or a cultural grazer :DD

    so you might enjoy this one

    you can actually get the audio version of this book for free from their free tools download page...

  2. I love anything by Michelle Magorian, her first book "Goodnight Mr Tom" is so well written, but heartwrenching. If you can't read about child abuse then avoid it though, I thought it was very well handled and the characters all felt real. Her later books don't touch on this subject very much at all and are excellent reads.