Okuku-Pinchgut - Cattle Peak Route - Whare Route weekend hike

Too tired to write about the weekend hike apart from to say that it was fun, and hard, and fun, and hard.

The way in: Okuku river

Pinchgut hut

Morning porridge, 7 am

Drinking water straight from the stream without having to boil it. I love it about New Zealand and its many tracks.

Climbing up onto Cattle Peak Route and circling back to Pinchgut Hut via Whare Route

Looking back towards farmland and the ocean behind it

Looking back towards Cattle Peak Route which we climbed that morning - the route runs directly on the ridge of that mountain which tops at 1081 m above sea level

Beech forest

Lots of Manuka bushes amongst other stuff

Working my way down Whare Route which at times was a heck of a steep, slippery place

Evening at the hut, relaxing, before spending the night at the hut and heading home

PS. And upon returning home, when the weather changed, this is the view we got on our front lawn.

That's not snow.

It's hail.

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  1. I got home on Saturday, probably not such a fun weekend as yours but so good to be home! The hail was a bit of a shock though.