A happy Christmas

"What are you doing for Christmas?" people keep asking me and I keep replying, with a huge grin, "NOTHING!" And it feels awesome :).

There are no Christmas decorations at our house, nor a tree; we don't do presents or big meals, really - instead, what we do for Christmas is a whole lot of lounging. We plan on waking up in the morning, every morning, having a leisurely breakfast and then deciding, what would we like to do today? And then after doing that thing, coming home so we can all have a midday nap together, and then in the afternoon asking ourselves the same question again, what would we like to do today? And we plan on doing it all through the Christmas and the New Year's period, for two weeks straight.

To go to the park? To visit the museum? To play on the beach? To go swimming? To get ice creams from the corner shop? To visit the just-finished Margaret Mahy playground which is quite possibly the coolest children's playground in New Zealand? The idea basically is that, for Christmas we do as little hassle as possible and as much joy as we want on any given day, and we'll continue like that for the entire two week period that The Man doesn't work during Christmas and New Year's.

And it's going to be awesome. It starts tomorrow :). So excited. Yay!

PS. Got a bunch of photos from my hiking buddy in regards to our recent Okuku-Pinchgut-etc trip. For some reason I absolutely love this one!


  1. Kodus, nagu alati kuusk, sireleb tuledes! Tekitab meeleolu!

  2. Merry, lazy and peaceful Christmas from Tartu :)

  3. That's us too, we do have a tree up but aside from that and presents this morning we'll toddle around doing our own things for the next couple of weeks. We may go out more now I'm feeling better, but there won't be a heap of visiting either.
    Have a great break and recharge your batteries.

  4. No mingi kuuseoksake voiks ju olla, selleks ei pea palju kulutama..