Questions and answers: my daughter's name

"I'm really curious about the Girlie's name, but I also understand why you wouldn't want to share it. :)" Me®li

In Germany, on the river Rhine, there is a place where the river goes in a wide bend around a large rock sticking out of the water. The current is heavy and the waves choppy, so over the years a lot of fishing boats have struggled on the water there.

According to an old tale, there is a mermaid / siren sitting atop the rock, combing her beautiful golden hair and singing to the fishermen, luring them to their deaths on dangerous waters.

The name of that mermaid / siren is what we have called my daughter. For kind of obvious reasons I will continue not using it on my blog though :)

(Happy googling! :P)


  1. Väga huvitav nimi, ma pole sellist varem kuulnudki. Kui, siis mingis muinasjutus :) Tore lugeda!

  2. Sain oma uudishimu rahuldatud, aitäh :D Väga huvitav nimi tõesti :)