"Proud" parenting moment

Usually me and The Girlie eat our morning porridge from the same bowl. Thing is, she makes such spectacular messes when she eats that though I let her self-feed quinoa, buckwheat, pasta, couscous and other non-sticky substances, with morning porridge I feed her myself. It just makes everything easier: getting porridge actually in her, cleaning up afterwards, and it's faster, too.

It's how we roll.

Today The Girlie slept in. We had had a late night coming home from beach yesterday, and so she must've been tired. I ate my porridge alone (The Kid had already finished) and it didn't occur to me until The Girlie had already started making noises in her bedroom to signal her waking up that - I hadn't left her any.

And, man, you should see the thing when she's hungry. Especially in the morning. It's, like, wow!

And as I heard her make noises and realised that, bloody hell, Maria, you've polished off an entire bowl of porridge without leaving anything for your daughter!, it came to be that this morning, The Girlie got fed leftovers from The Kid's bowl.

Not that she noticed, or minded. I heated the leftover scraps up in the microwave and when the leftovers were gone, I topped her up on tomato, and banana, and apple, and it was all good.

But, man, was it a proud moment for me or what, realising that I've eaten all of my daughter's food and have gone fishing through my son's plates to see if he had maybe left any porridge in his bowl, so my daughter can have some, too.

Well done, Maria, well done.

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  1. That was always a banana moment for me, back in those days both boys loved banana so we always had some as a backup.