On epilepsy

Went to donate blood yesterday. After spending 15 minutes listing every country I've ever been to (whilst thinking about some of my well-travelled friends and how they'd be there for half an hour listing the stuff) (the nurse said that pilots and travel agents are the worst), I watched the nurse keep adding diseases to the list of things to check for - HIV (oh, hi Estonia!), dengue fever (oh, hi Singapore airport!) etc - it turned out that I wasn't eligible to donate in New Zealand anyway; gotta be seizure free for at least three years before I can start donating again.

I guess I gotta get used to epilepsy affecting all sorts of random stuff around me.

On another hand though: two months of drinking ca 3 litres of water a day and I still haven't had any seizures. That's the longest break I've had in almost three years.

I have a feeling that I may have it sorted. (Yuss!)


  1. I'm not quite sure what the water has to do with it, but I've had epilepsy for 15 years and I've had many longer and shorter breaks. In last 10 years or so I've had two 2 years breaks and one 4 year break. My last seizure was about 2 years ago. After that 4-years break the seizures came back only because one doctor who recommended me to stop taking my medications right away. The next day I got two seizures in a row...

    1. Dehydration is a common trigger for seizures...