Both my kids are routinely up before 6 am, which means that sometimes we are in central Hagley park at just past 7 am in the morning.

Bees hard at work. There were over a dozen on one patch of flowers alone!

PS. It's a fountain that works only when a handle is pulled, ie The Kid's favorite fountain


The Kid likes to please and doesn't like being told off. The Girlie, on the other hand, is like a tank - does what she does, and when she gets told off for stuff, she's, like, oh well... and back to doing stuff!

Which means that if you look into our laundry room, you'll see this:

I just could not figure out how to stop her from climbing onto furniture. She moves chairs around the house to climb onto tables, shelves, kitchen tops and dog crates, and so I just stacked the chairs in the laundry room to deal with this situation instead, and that's where we're at.

She just doesn't care much for being told off. Will probably be quite a useful personal attribute once she gets into her twenties, but, man!, it's inconvenient when she's one and I'm the parent.

PS. Saw your questions on the previous post. Some are quite unexpected! Keem 'em coming :). I think I'll start answering on the weekend.


  1. See park on ju niii kaugel Teie elamisest. Käru oli ratta taga?

  2. Mannikene, palju õnne sünnipäevaks!

  3. Palju õnne, kallis sünnipäevalaps! Õnne Sulle endale ja Su kallitele inimestele!

    tädi pere Tartust :-)

  4. My boys love that fountain too, whoever chose to put it there was a genius!