Taste changes

With the approach of summer, pavlova cakes (or if you're not familiar with the term, they're akin to meringue) are getting increasingly common on shop shelves - again - and every time I see people swoon over how delicious they are, I think...


I don't get it. There must be some definite difference in how my tastebuds are perceiving this thing because I cannot, for the life of me, see how people like this thing.

Or meringue, for that matter.


It would be interesting to be able step into someone else's shoes and experience what pavlova tastes like to them; to see why they think it's nice and why I would rather put it in the rubbish bin instead. And then, if we're on this share-the-taste-experience train already, I could maybe show The Man how gherkins taste to me (mmm, gherkins!), or why I like eating kiwifruit with its skin, or why I happily nibble on raw swede.

I used to despise blue cheese and now I delight in it, the stinkier the better.

I used to look at people eating Vegemite / Marmite and think... what a horrible stuff, but now I like it.


  1. Same thing here with "varsseller" - what is that - stalk celery? :D

    1. Oh jesus... that thing tastes horrible! :D But my husband thinks it's great; has it on his sandwiches and with his rice and everything... go figure.