On fear and doing it anyway

How about this for a quote of the day? (Courtesy of Elizabeth Gilbert..)

"The only genuinely fearless human beings I've ever met are psychopaths - and toddlers!"

I'd say let's dedicate this quote to The Girlie today - to the determined little human being who came down a concrete step face first and is now carrying around a blue bump on her forehead. Because - and I'd take the liberty to suggest that I am right on this one, this time - she did not have fear for that concrete step, huh no, sista'.

And let's also dedicate this quote to her big brother who is learning that though he has fear, sometimes he can do the stuff anyway, regardless.

It's a thing I very often tell myself, probably on a daily, if not multi-daily basis:

"Do it anyway."


  1. Mu ema ütles ikka, et julged on need, kes kardavad, aga ikka teevad. Need, kes teevad ilma igasuguse kartuseta on hulljulged.

  2. No nii armas kiisu jalgratta peal!

  3. ja teine kiisu, emme nägu, ka nii armas raamatuga! Loeb?