Down the Avon, in rafts

Even when it is a small trip - the kind where two friends go on water for three hours and pack little else than water, a snack and a camera - it is still loads on fun. Loads and loads of fun.

Thank you, Treena!

The evening before: sorting through rafting gear.

Up bright and early.

(Photo by: Treena)

Paddling at preschooler speed - my family followed us for over a kilometre!

I didn't count the broods of ducklings, but there must've been at least a dozen we passed.

(Photo by: Treena)

And to think that this is shot within Christchurch's central city? 

(Photo by: Treena)

Whitebaiters trying their luck further down the river, in Christchurch's residential "red zone", where instead of housing there is now wasteland and in not so distant future probably beautiful parklands instead.

Done it!

The day after: cleaning, drying and sorting gear.