The joy of having put together the puzzle for the first time independently.

A friend gave our children two digital cameras: two simple, sturdy, made-for-kids kind of digital cameras which basically just take photos and videos and allow the results to be viewed on the screen, and boy are these two having fun.

Talking of these two: they do fight, as much as any siblings, I guess, but they've also started building stuff together.

...and "stealing" stuff off of each other. Here The Kid is singing a lullaby to a doll The Girlie was playing with a few minutes earlier. Apparently a windowsill is the place to be.

And this little loud, hungry, opinionated monster...

...let's just say she has her own ways with where stuff's supposed to go. I am finding toy cars in shoes, teddy bears in kitchen cupboards, slippers in underwear drawers and The Dog needs the crate less than The Girlie's blocks do, I guess.


  1. Maria, superpildid, näen enast nendes piltides!

  2. Tõesti, kõik piltidel on tuttav, oleksin nagu Teie kodus, vaatan ja vaatan ja vaatan!!!!