The gross reality of having a dog

For several months I've been puzzled why occasionally there appear to be water splatters on our toilet's walls. I thought, maybe it's the toilet flushing? Water somehow shooting over the edge and onto the wall? Or maybe it's The Kid getting hold of the toilet brush and swinging it around?

But no - yesterday I discovered that it's actually The Dog.

She's been getting into the toilet through the laundry and drinking out of the toilet bowl, in process splattering water onto walls.

Where it gets really gross though is that yesterday when I discovered her drinking habits there was also someone's lonely piece of poop still floating around in the toilet and I was, like, man, you'll be lucky to give any doggie kisses to anyone else in this house whilst I'm around because, dude, this is just so wrong on so many levels that I'm not even sure where to start with this...


Also, as we were walking The Dog in our local wetland reserve today, another dog and its owner appeared. The other owner and I had a quick chat that we were both happy to let the dogs loose, and then our dogs got to run around and play and as they got muddy when they were drinking water from pooled-in grass areas we were, like, oh well, dogs get muddy, so what.

Except: then The Dog apparently got so hot that she plain laid down in mud and if that wasn't enough, then started rolling around in it.

And then ran back to us and proceeded to shake it all off. On us.

I still haven't let her back in the house today. I was hoping she would dry out and stink a little less, but for the moment she's dry but haven't stopped stinking yet so I may need to hose her down with a gardening hose later.


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