Here we go again

A gentle beep is to let me know that the thermometer has finished reading my son's temperature.

39.4 C.

By now it's like a standardized procedure in this house. Is it round six that we're doing this winter? Seven? Something like that. We've pretty much gone straight since... April: one virus, get better, another virus, get better, a third virus, get better.

This week we're on round seven I think, or six.

If I didn't have a friend whose children are doing the exact same thing, I would wonder if I am doing something wrong that they're doing such back to back illnesses this year, but every time I bring that up our preschool teacher reminds me that it is a notoriously hard winter this year and the viruses are hitting our preschool hard, and the primary school, too, where many of the children's siblings go.

It's... spectacular, actually, to have him down again, because every time he's ill I think that's the end of it - but it's not.

Today I had a brief chat with our neighbor over the fence. She said, "Well, let's hope that's the end of it then!" to which I replied, "I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you."

We laughed, both of us. She knows what I mean. Both of our children have been... let's call it, working hard on building and testing out their immune system and its response this winter, and so by now we're used to canceling playdates because either mine are ill, or hers, and it's, like... yeah.



  1. It's been rampant at school this year, 75 kids off one day this term. Youngest has been bouncing from one cold virus to another all winter and I'm grateful that's all it's been so far for him. I managed to pick up the vomiting bug from somewhere, really hoping no one else gets that one, not fun at all!
    Hope your wee lad is on his final one for the winter/spring and that everyone in your family gets some well time.

    1. Heh, we've already had the vomiting bug - adults once, children twice. Kids being 4 and 1 weren't that good at aiming for the bucket either, so there was a LOT of washing! :D

      Tai Tapu primary had, I think, 100+ children ill at one time? And with a roll of less than 300 that's, like, over a third of kids at once. Impressive.

    2. Younglings with vomiting bugs are definitely not fun. I think the worst one was when eldest got the diarrhea in bed while youngest vomited but slept through it, all while their dad was away on work, not something I'd wish on anyone! Thank goodness that was a few years back now.
      You will get through this, I made it through and if I can you certainly can! One step at a time and lots of cuddles with your wee people.

    3. Read your comment, laughed; read it out to my husband, he laughed. Wow... hands down impressive to this diarrhea/vomiting/husband away story :)

    4. I think I may have told him he was never allowed to go away again after that. Didn't stick to it though, he's off again this week, and the next two weeks as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that we don't get a repeat performance, lol.
      Make sure you look after you as well as the kids and we'll have to catch up once everyone's well again.

    5. Catching up: yes, please! I've been thinking about you, but it feels that every time children get better and I think, okay, let's get in touch, someone comes down with some virus again and then I just postpone everything, basically.

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