What are we doing here

"What are we doing here?" The Man asks - not even sure if this question is for me to answer, or just him thinking out loud - but at the moment, it does feel this way. A long, hard slog. At 7 am I am standing outside in the darkness, picking up shards of red brick and inside my two are working on their breakfasts and Duplo towers, whilst The Man is probably sitting behind the wheel of his truck talking himself into calming down.

The problem is, neither of us knows a place where we would actually be better; regardless of where we go, it'll be a long, hard slog - or so it seems, anyway.

What are we doing here?

I don't know. Everyone needs a rest, and we are hard pressed to get any.


  1. Mis mõttes, mida me siin teeme?

  2. Do we want to know what happened? Shards of brick doesn't sound good to me. Unfortunately sufficient rest is unlikely while the children are so young and especially when they're recovering from bugs.

    1. A corner of a house, a narrow driveway, a car and a tired driver don't get along well. Especially not at 7 am when it's still dark.

    2. Oh dear, hopefully the landlord's insurance will cover the damage to the house and that the car isn't too bad. I've taken out our gate several times due to similar circumstances and the car has needed repair; luckily the gate seems to be fairly resilient.

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