Random thoughts on a Wednesday

If I were given a million dollars, I would first move to Wellington where The Man could spend time with our kids whilst I studied architecture, and then we would move to Otago where we would build a strawbale house, The Man would work at a local preschool and I would work as an architect / quantity surveyor / building manager.

An opportunity to re-train, basically.


I love that our kids love books. I love that The Girlie, even though only a year old, can so patiently sit through a book after a book after a book - how she has already, somehow, discovered their magic. I love how The Kid keeps choosing Andrus Kivirähk's "Kaka ja kevad" for his bedtime story and because The Man has no idea what most of the stories say in Estonian, each evening he comes up with such wonderful English concoctions based on what he sees on illustrations that it is no wonder The Kid keeps choosing "Kaka ja kevad" as his bedtime story =)


I told a friend how it is so great to have another "normal" mother - her - next to me, to know and feel good about. She laughed and hugged me.

Because, you see, when her children recently came down with chickenpox and a heavy, heavy cold at the same time - which then prompted her daughter to have seizures because of the fever - she, in her under-slept and over-tired condition, left her 1-year-old on a daybed which now means that in addition to everything else he also has a broken foot from falling down the daybed, and I am, like, dude, I am so glad that she is a normal, try-very-hard and love-a-lot mother who isn't always perfect because, dude: imagine being at the hospital with a 1-year-old who has chickenpox, a heavy cold, a broken foot and is also super tired from being prodded and examined all day and it's past his bedtime.



Off to sleep now. It's past 9 pm already!

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