On kids and time

Today I spoke with a person whose story made me feel much better about myself, and the pickle I feel my life is in.

You see, she, too, embarked on a study whilst her kids were almost the same age as mine - The Kid is 4 and The Girlie is 1, and her kids were 3 and 1 - and she said it almost cost her her marriage; that it was so darn hard studying from around two little children that she and her husband almost ended up divorcing over it.

And I laughed and thought, wow, I am not crazy, or an incessant complainer. This person here looks entirely reasonable and she also thinks that studying from around little children is akin to a mental debacle.

Just putting it out there: unless there's reserves for hiring a nanny or having a very supportive network or friends and family who are willing to babysit - I suggest studying first and having children later. Just sayin'.

I am astounded to think that I thought I was short of time in 2008 when I was single and working in Tallinn. Or in 2011 when I was pregnant with my first and living in a flat in Wanaka.

Jesus. I had a whale of time! I just lacked the perspective to appreciate it more. If someone gave me the amounts of time I had back then and let me do something with it now - wow the things I'd do! (Or not - maybe I'd just use it all for sleeping.)

Talking of sleeping: I'm off to sleep now. Tomorrow morning at 6 am the latest I will have two preschoolers to take care of. Again.

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