Not that long ago it was The Kid sitting on our kitchen floor, sorting through empty yoghurt containers.

Now it's The Girlie:

We have long-learned to keep our recycling container on the kitchen top now, out of toddlers' reach - the photos of The Kid above (where he is sorting through our recycling) is why we started doing that :) - but we have kept the empty yoghurt containers down in one of the child-friendly cupboards. The Girlie loves them as much as The Kid used to.

Looking at these photos now makes me wonder at how similar my kids are.

They're growing, both. With The Kid now I can almost have a decent conversation, and The Girlie is just short of walking.

On the weekend we took our whole lot to Orana Wildlife Park - everyone really needed and deserved a break, and walking amongst giraffes, rhinos, tigers and monkeys on a day when it was so cold that by noon the puddles were still frozen-over, it did feel like a break.

As people gathered to watch monkeys being fed, The Kid seemed more interested in people-watching, rather than monkey-watching.

With new-found confidence and independence, The Kid insists on pushing his own pram - "No, mummy, no! Me!" he pushes off my hands when I try to steer the pram back onto a walkway.

Arriving home I was greeted by our own little zoo on the doorstep: a stick insect. Being mostly nocturnal I am not sure what the guy was doing there but, hey!, doesn't hurt anyone, so keep on hanging out, little guy, I don't mind.


  1. We get lots of praying mantis bugs over here, last spring we had babies and they were so cute! The boys loved watching them.

  2. lapsed on ikka väga erinevad!