At the park and the museum


  1. Olen seal ju isegi olnud! Lapsed olid ainult väiksemad!

  2. Replies
    1. Jesus, that's what people say to women who are pregnant :P. "You look so radiant!"

      So just in case I'll mention that I'm not :P. Oh, and maybe it's the sun - it was setting as we were walking home...

      But thanks anyway :). I've never been said to look "radiant" before :P

    2. Oh, sorry maybe it is my English, I don't know the right word for that... I meant your eyes are so full of life, I meant "särav" - "silmad säravad peas, nagu sa oleksid väga väga õnnelik ja valmis vallutama mägesid" - something like that :D