10 things about me

1. I don't wear heels.

I attempted to when I was a teenager - I thought it was "what girls did" - but heels never grew on me. For one,  they were uncomfortable. Two, with my muscular and semi-beaten up knees I wasn't even achieving any aesthetical advantage - all heels did was point out how many scars and fluid-filled bumps my knees had. And so to this day, even to fancy-dress occasions, I still show up in flats.

2. I've never been drunk.

...because I've never liked the taste of alcohol. From when I was a teenager my family would occasionally pour me a little wine during social occasions (and by "a little" I mean a few mouthfuls), or if we were having a barbecue, some cider. I assume it was their way of taking the mystery and the temptation out of alcohol for me. I'd have a mouthful, give it some thought, and inevitably always end up feeling like something's gone off in it - wine tasted like fruit juice left on the shelf for too long, and beer was just plain bitter. Add to it the fact that when my classmates "experimented" with alcohol - ie, got very drunk - I helped carry those half-conscious, nonsensical, vomiting bodies to their beds, I didn't even see the social value in it. And so to this day, I can give it a taste, but if I don't like it, I won't drink it.

The closest I've come to drunkenness, I think, was when I had stomach flu and downed a shot of vodka in an attempt to clear my gut of whatever was making a mess in there, and promptly felt kind of "warm and soft". And went to bed.

(The only two drinks I ever remember liking the taste of was some pear cider which accompanied freshly barbecued fish we had caught from the sea (I assume because it went well with fish and was so low on alcohol and so high on sugar that I didn't taste the alcohol in it) and some fancy cocktail served at a skydivers' gathering.)

3. I purge constantly.

I feel weighed down by clutter and so I am always on the lookout for items I don't use which I then take to op-shops. Clothes, cutlery, toys - if it's not being used because something else fits the purpose better, or because it doesn't fit any more, or there's too many of the same thing, or I just don't need it - off it goes.

4. I rarely lucid dream, but when I do, it is usually because a dream is so outrageous or bizarre that even as events are unfolding I think to myself, "This is some weird dream, surely - there's no way this is actually happening?!" and then I suddenly realise that, oh my god, I am dreaming.

I only once remember doing something about it though - on that occasion I thought, okay, so if I am dreaming, does this mean I can do whatever I want now?, and so I decided to start flying. In my dream. And it was totally awesome.

5. I don't iron clothes. In fact, I don't even own an iron!

6. Other somewhat standard appliances I don't have: TV & hairdryer.

7. I don't have a Facebook account. I used to, up until 2011-ish, but I found that it was so easy to sit down in front of it "for five minutes" and spend at least half an hour instead that I deleted it, flat out, and have never re-created it since. It's been a great decision!

8. I got married wearing clothes from a second hand shop, barefeet, and there were three and a half guests at my wedding: a brother-in-law, a flatmate, a neighbor and a neighbor's dog (he was the "half" part). A little hallway table provided a platform for signing paperwork (we were at a public park in Wanaka, under a walnut tree), the ceremony took about 30 minutes including paperwork and as soon as it was done, me and The Man headed to a secluded beach to spend the rest of the day eating sandwiches, skinny dipping, reading books and having hot sex.

The best. Wedding. Ever.

9. I don't have a wedding ring, and neither does The Man. His is a safety issue - being a carpenter the fewer jewellery he has on his hands, the safer - and mine has more to do with attitude (I don't care much for jewellery, unless there's a meaning to any given piece) and so we decided to just skip that part and made a deal that if we ever go to Svalbard, we'll ask the artist who made me a polar bear ring in 2008 to design us two wedding bands. One day :).

But until then: promises we made whilst tying our hands with a symbolic band will do just fine.

10. I have a hip that "pops" out of its socket. Have always had, I think. Showed it to a physio the other day, as a kind of an amusement :), and she was, like, whoa! (Here's to publicly funded hip replacements! Not that I need one now, but just in case, for the future.)


  1. unustasid lisada, et ei kasuta kosmeetikat ja ei värvi juuksi!

  2. Made me grinn, a lot sounds so familiar. Miss u!