Have you heard about a movie called, Tangerines?

I was driving home from Gebbies Pass this week when I turned on the radio and with much surprise heard... Estonian language being spoken.


Because bear in mind, Radio New Zealand National is New Zealand's public broadcaster and apart from English and very occasionally Maori, no other languages are spoken on it, and yet I was hearing... Estonian.

So what was that about?

Turns out, their movie reviewer was introducing a movie called Tangerines that night and just as I had tuned on, they had been playing a little part where the lead character was talking in Estonian, which is why it had made for such a magical and weird opening for me.

The movie reviewer was raving about it. It was one of the best movies they'd seen in a really, really long time, they said, and as I was driving home listening to it, I was eager to see it for myself.

I asked The Man to get hold of a copy for us to watch and yesterday evening we sat down to watch it together.


It is a really, really good movie. A really good movie! I was having to translate it into English as it was unfolding - our copy had Estonian and Russian subtitles, but not English - and so The Man was getting only a very vague idea of what was being said, but wow, even he thought that it was a great movie - even despite my quick Russian-to-English and Estonian-to-English translations.

In fact, I am still feeling a little... blown away by how powerful the story was, and how it was making us giggle when the Chechen and the Georgian were doing their thing, and two Estonians between them were doing their own thing altogether, and how it was impossible to put the movie down even despite the missing subtitles.

I really recommend watching it. Even if you have no concept of the Abkhazian war, or where on earth Abkhazia is to begin with... It's worth watching. Honestly.

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