Happy birthday, sweetie

How did I spend the morning of The Girlie's first birthday?

By getting admitted to hospital with her strong viral cold - viral part being, antibiotics aren't doing much.

Everyone's tired and grizzly, but we're plodding along, and, hey!, at least it'll be easy to remember what the first birthday was like :).

Off to sleep now. It's 8 am on a Thursday morning.

Reading a bedtime story a couple of weeks ago

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  1. Väikestel lastel on väikesed peod,
    väikesed südamed, väikesed teod...
    Väikestel lastel on veeselged silmad
    nende jaoks selged ka vihmased ilmad!
    Väikestel lastel on looduse juuksed,
    tõeline naer ja tõelised nuuksed...
    Jäägu neil silmad veel kauaks nii särama,
    lahti siis neile kõik maailma väravad!