Time off

It may not look the brightest before 6 am in the morning - thanks, kids, again, thanks - but I am sitting here, thinking, "With this amount of luck I will be fired before I have even started work."

Tummy bugs that tend to last a few days on older children - on someone of The Girlie's age, however (and her young immune system), over a week later and we are still ongoing. It is the second Sunday now and I am thinking, will I really need to call in with kids-are-sick for my second week of work, too?? 

Apart from the fact that paying for childcare for two kids - which I need to do regardless of whether they can attend or not, ill or otherwise - is a very expensive exercise - and which, to be honest, I can only afford if I am actually earning something - it is entirely another thing that it is frustrating to miss out on this one job that actually has to do with plans and measurements and construction and joinery, a basis for quantity surveying.

I do not have many illusions about the multitude of jobs available to me. From close to 40 applications I sent out over the last few months all but two came back with a generic, "Thank you for your application but unfortunately..." and from the two that I did get to interview for, one had people with more experience than me and the other, I got.

Except, at the moment the "I got" is an entirely academic exercise because in reality I am at home with ill children whilst carrying an irritating low level cold myself and at 6 am in the morning, I am, let's put it this way... grumpy.

And no, guys, you do not have to get me to inspect every piece of Duplo, and a pancake that has fallen off a plate does not warrant a cry, and until you learn to dress yourself I suggest you don't scream at me for putting a jumper on you when it's cold.

Mummy needs time off.

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  1. Maria, ära põe, nii ongi! Kahjuks nii ongi! Ainuke miinus, et teie riik ei maksa haiguslehte! Suurem miinus muidugi, et sa ei saanud end tõestama minna töökohale!