The details of working out

I know that my weekly circuit training class is a success because today instead of wanting to vomit I only managed to pee myself a little.

Hah: I bet you're thinking now, "Great, thanks for sharing that with us." :)

(You're welcome!)

Also: the little side effect of getting a little fitter again is that I need to buy new, smaller bras.

(You still thinking, "Great, thanks for sharing that with us"? You're welcome.)

Thing is, I thought it'd be a while longer until I had to head down that path but a peculiar whoompa-whoompa motion whilst doing circuit training today was starting to get a little, how do I put it now... uncomfortable, and I'd rather I didn't have to experience the same, exaggerated motion next week.

But overall, the thing is fun, and hard, and fun, and I'm pretty happy I discovered a thing called "circuit training" to begin with, though I have to admit: our instructor is planning on doing the next week's workout a hardcore one - 20 seconds on, 10 off for the whole duration of the workout - and I am... let's call it wondering whether I really want to attend that particular class or not ;)

But hey, it's all fair regardless of what I do, so... Great job, man, I tell myself, and I'll just keep telling myself that until one day, I won't have to pee myself in the middle of doing squats any more ;), and then it'll get even more fun!

PS. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to share this on my blog, but...

Last week me and The Kid attended what they call a Before School Check which is basically a standard health check-up for 4-year-olds, and involves measuring, weighing, vaccinating, talking, supporting and whatever else those health professionals do.

But amidst that check a nurse asked me if I'd considered that The Kid may be overweight.

Let it sink in a little. Like, this:

I turned around in my chair where The Kid was playing with toys behind my back and looked at him, wide-eyed, and then back at the nurse with a confused look of, "Overweight!?"

Like, seriously?

She started saying how he's about 15th percentile height-wise, but above 50th percentile weight-wise, and maybe he would benefit from changes in his diet, and before she'd even finished the sentence I interrupted her saying that I didn't think BMI-s and height-weight percentiles were even applied to children younger than 8, (and besides, they weigh children with their clothes on) and when she looked at him, did she really think that he was? Overweight?

She said no, but then continued suggesting that we give The Kid skim milk rather than full-fat, and decrease the amount of peanut butter he has on his toast, and it was about that time that I started laughing and said that although I understand that she is just trying to do her job, I would like to decline the advice now, thank you very much :)

Afterwards I even checked with his preschool teachers to see if I was maybe walking around with pink glasses on, or maybe I was blind entirely to my child being overweight, but no-one else I spoke to had even considered the fact, and from what they've seen of my children's diet they're getting a decent, varied selection of whole foods, and... and...

Basically, I am still surprised that I even had a discussion like that with a nurse, and... I'm not even sure why I am writing about it here. I guess I just wanted to share.


  1. Kõhna ta küll ei ole, mina kujutasin teda ette hoopis väiksemana, ka kampsuni tõin ju 90 cm pikkusele. Ülekaalu ka ei tohiks näha, tavaline laps!

  2. Kunagi ta oli sul ju alamõõduline :D Nagu minu Johannes, küll "liiga väike", siis "liiga suur" :D

  3. That's what 4 year olds are supposed to look like though! George looked like that at that age and he's never been overweight (despite what mum thought when he was about 1 yr old), your wee lad looks just right to me.
    Well done on the Circuit too, where are you going? I really need to get my rear end moving.