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I may be way late to this party, looking at when this video was recorded - 2008 - but wow oh wow what a performance he's given. Really, look at it. Have you seen this before? Because I hadn't and, wow, did my jaw drop, figuratively speaking!

I sat watching it, mesmerized, and it suddenly reminded me of the power of music.

There have been times in my life where I have so passionately trailed along to the tune of music in my headphones.

My first year in New Zealand, for example: tying down vines in Blenheim to the tune of James Morrison...

...or hacking ice on Fox glacier with Rob Thomas:

Or when in Svalbard, thawing my frostbitten cheeks with Jehro:

Or before that, a roadtrip through Utah and Nevada and Jo Dee Messina...

There aren't many songs on my iPod, and most of them would probably be considered rather... corny - mostly country music, lots of John Mayer, a variety of soundtracks from my favorite movies - but to most of that music I have a very strong emotional connection for most of it, to me, represents life and stages it's had.

And as I watched John Mayer rock along to "Why Georgia" it occurred to me that, for the moment, there is very little music I listen to. And maybe it was precisely why John Mayer swept me away like that tonight, but it reminded me of how strong music can be, and how much it can help in persevering: decisions that have been made to the tune of music are so much easier to stick to if that music keeps getting listened to.

I decided in Svalbard that I was going to go to New Zealand, and I continued listening to Jehro through the ensuing months in Estonia until I did, indeed, make my way to New Zealand, because Jehro - to me - is about what I wanted in Svalbard.

James Morrison's "Undiscovered" is about freedom.
John Butler Trio's "Better than" is about sticking to my gut.
Coldplay "Fix You" is still about clambering up Brewster track, right before moving to Christchurch.


Am I living it right, am I living it right, am I living it right John Mayer asks in this song and it's the question I've been asking myself this week, many times.

Am I living it right?

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