Minimum building standards, once again

This morning I received the next lot of school assessments in post. I submitted them a while ago and they have now been graded by my instructors.

And I know that it's not such a big deal - I know that it isn't! - but still I felt this little... irksome twinge somewhere in my tummy when I read that once again my instructors had commented on me exceeding the minimum building standards.

I had designed a building made of rammed earth and to protect the wall from rain I had made the eaves wider than the required 600 mm - mine were 800 mm. The windows were low on my design, so wide eaves wouldn't have compromised on the amount of sunlight the rooms were getting, and so I figured that they wouldn't have been a problem.

But what did I find written on my school assignment grading paper this morning?

"Note that the minimum eaves width in New Zealand is 600 mm."

Thanks, guys, thanks. Thanks for telling me that.

Next time you ask your students to design buildings, note in CAPITAL LETTERS on the assignment sheet that you want them to design a building that is the least acceptable standard whilst still remaining legal.

Basically, make it as sh*t as it can be without making it illegal, and then applaud your students for making "affordable housing".

Pardon my English here, but this is bollocks.

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