An afternoon at our park

Our "home" park - where me and the kids have spent many an afternoon of walking - is a wonderful place of old, overhanging trees, a meandering stream, ducks - and at the moment, magic of thousands of fallen leaves.

We spent another wonderful afternoon there today and it's moments like these where I think... it's good here. I like it here.

There are old tree stumps to climb onto and into.

Space to run. An old building waiting its renovation with its gardens to explore.

A mother to carry around essentials such as snacks, drinking water and a sister.

And for about ten minutes today there was a... fantail to play with.

I have never come across it before, though I have heard that fantails are known for their playfulness, but today a fantail sat on a branch only about a metre away from The Kid, lured him with its tail and its dance-like moves, and when The Kid attempted to follow it, it flew to another branch only about a metre away.

For over ten minutes they played like that, The Kid following the fantail who so obviously was intending to keep him mesmerized like that, and whenever The Kid tired of the chase and walked back towards me, the fantail would fly right in front of him, doing a sort of a figure-eight in the air, and flip its wings until The Kid started following it again and... was magical to see. I sat there, feeding The Girlie buckwheat porridge I had grabbed with us from home, and watched them play.

Maori legends say that fantails are an omen of death, and that's about right: as soon as I started attempting to catch this bird on camera, my camera batteries died. =)

All I got are a few fuzzy, glittery photos of a bird that would only stay still for a moment - whilst checking out what The Kid was about to do next, and would then fly and flitter again - but what I have stored in my memory is entirely different.

In my mind's eye I have an afternoon where The Kid had a fantail mate he played so contentedly with.

As we were leaving the park, the fantail followed us all the way to the road.

I phoned The Man to share with him the story of our afternoon and do you know what The Man suggested I do? He suggested I check The Girlie's nappy in case there's something in there and she is attracting flies who the fantail is then attracted to ;)

Thanks, honey. You're such a muse sometimes ;).


  1. Ilus park, iidne vist ja massiivsete puude ja jõe(või ojaga) ja partidega. Jalutamiseks super!!!

  2. nii hea neid pilte vaadata, olen siin olnud!

  3. I know that park, my Brother In Law got married there. Should take the kids there again actually, it's a nice park to just wander in.
    We had a fantail in our garden 2 days ago, it spent 5 minutes teasing the cat before flying away.