Why it's painful to even sit on the toilet today

It made me laugh yesterday.

Since starting to work my way down those 10 kg I've accumulated to aide with breastfeeding (three down, six-seven to go, yay) I've started attending a circuit class.

What's circuit class? It's a group sports class where the instructor sets up an array of exercises and people then rotate around, so there'll be a minute of weightlifting, then a minute of bashing a medicine ball into the floor, then a minute of walking up a wall or whatever - not that different from a high school PE class, really, just a lot more intense. Fun, basically!

The instructor knows that I'm a newby and that I have a tendency to black out since I have low blood pressure (always have had) and I haven't really exercised since... Four years ago? Since having kids, basically.

And so as she moved through the room cheering people on, "Come on, you can do it!", "Go as hard as you can, as hard as you can!", "No stopping, people, no stopping! Keep on going,  just ten seconds more!" she then walked towards me, saw me bracing myself in a abs-workout pose (eyes probably bulging out :P, doing intense exercise after a long time off is such a graceful experience, really...) she laughed and with all the support said to me:

"Oh but you can do whatever you want today, honey."


I'm THAT good, basically ;)

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  1. Tehehe, you made me giggle out loud! I miss you! Time for another giant or small email, I think!